– Antoine De Saint-Exupéry

The main goal of Policy Guildford is provide the people of Guildford with cast iron facts and evidence they can take with them to the polls to vote with information and opinion rather than emotions and sentiment. We’ve entered a phase of politics (according to these people:Amulya Gopalakrishnan, John Connor) known as Post-truth politics (or Post-fact politics) with particular mention of the 2016 Presidential election and the EU Referendum here in the United Kingdom.  Policy Guildford wants to push it back to fact based politics where information and data helps make a voters decision not a feeling.

However, this trend is not an easy one to buck and so we would like to state our short term aims which will help us achieve our longer term goals.

  1. Interview Surrey County Council candidates in the Guildford wards so that Guildford voters can go to the polls in May and vote on policy (Deadline: May 2017)
  2. Interview current Guildford Borough Council candidates on key issues (both local and more national) to inform voters, both present and future, what their opinions are now which allows them to compare them to later policy.
  3. Collect information from local voters on what policy they would like to know about council candidates and their policy
  4. Interview Guildford’s MP (Anne Milton, Conservative) on what her personal stances are before the next election. This goal is potentially more long term as the current next date for election is 2020 although there are whisperings of a snap general election which makes this goal rather tricky.

These are our goals and we hope you can help us achieve them.