Policy Guildford concentrates on providing policy positions on candidates and Councillors in the Guildford town centre area as shown heregbc-wards

Currently we plan to cover the Guildford Borough Council (GBC) wards of Stoke, Stoughton, Westborough, Onslow, Friary and St. Nicolas, Christchurch, Holy Trinity, Merrow, and Burpham.

We also plan to cover the Surrey County Council (SCC) divisions in this same area:

  • Guildford North (Stoke & Parts of Stoughton)
  • Guildford West (Westborough, Parts of Onslow, Parts of Stoughton)
  • Guildford South West (Friary and St. Nicholas & Parts of Onslow)
  • Guildford South East (Holy Trinity & Christchurch)
  • Guildford East (Merrow & Burpham)

Now, as some of you will be aware, County Council elections are taking place in May 2017 and as such we need to contact all the candidates for these County Council seats as soon as possible. The incumbents will be easy to contact through the Council while the challengers may not have even been selected yet. In the coming days and weeks we will be writing to the incumbents and local parties to ask them who they are nominating for the afore mentioned seats on the county council and then request that we can conduct an interview (either in person or through email).

Let it be recorded here that the parties we will be contacting are (in alphabetical order: Conservative, Green, Guildford Greenbelt Group, Labour, Liberal Democrat, United Kingdom Independence Party.

As a note, we will also be contacting these parties to inquire around any interest in members joining Policy Guildford to remove any potential bias (ideally we’d have a member from all the parties mentioned above). If you know of anyone who would be interested, please use the contact page and get in touch!