With the County Council election coming up in a few months now (May 2017) and so now we’ve explained the divisions and wards that are different between the county and borough councils we thought we would delve into the current county Councillors.

*This post does not contain any interview material*

This post is likely to be superseded if any candidates are standing for their office again. If so, they will get their own article once we have nailed down their policy through an interview with them if possible. For now, we’ll look at anything that’s available online for these county Councillors. For clarity on which County Division you fit into click here.

Guildford North: Mrs Pauline Searle (Liberal Democrats)

County Councillors can also be Borough Councillors as shown by Mrs Searle of the Liberal Democrats. She occupies the Guildford North County Council seat and the Stoughton Borough seat in the GBC. She was first elected as a county Councillor in 2005 and has lived in Guildford all of her life. According to the Surrey Liberal Democrat website she is interested in helping the community with a special focus on children and has been a registered childminder for nearly 30 years.

Guildford West: Mrs Fiona White (Liberal Democrats)

The Liberal Democrats spokesperson on Adult Social Care since 2005, Mrs White has lived in Surrey since 1981 who previously led the GBC under the cabinet system. While the Chair of the housing committee the Council identified council-owned land that could be used for affordable housing. Also on the GBC she was a Councillor under a Liberal Democrat majority when Dial-a-ride (transport for those who cannot use public transport) was introduced.

Guildford South West:Mr David Goodwin (Liberal Democrats)

David Goodwin is another Councillor who sits on both the Borough Council and the County Council, representing Guildford South West and Onslow, since 2005 and 1999 respectively. Mr Goodwin is currently a member of SCC’s Environment and Transport Select Committee as well as the SCC’s Local Committee in Guildford. In the GBC, he is a member of the Planning and Licensing Committee. He is also a self-employed German-speaking tour guide and has been for the last 15 years

Guildford South East: Mr Mark Brett-Warburton (Conservative)

Mark Brett-Warburton has a findable election pamphlet for his election to be the “local choice for Guildford South East”. This means we can actually look at policy. Brett-Warburton is his campaign literature wanted to make Guildford a better place to live, he wanted to fight for better roads and cutting unnecessary costs. He also said that he wanted to listen to what his residents wanted. A very positive campaign message and made even better through it’s easiness to find and clearly laying out what he wanted to do in Council with a list at the end

Guildford East: Mr Graham Ellwood (Conservative)

Graham Ellwood is a Managing Director of Guildford Wealth Managment LTD. (local independent financial advisor). He has lived in Merrow for 11 years and has spent his life working in banking and financial services. As a Councillor he has been “instrumental” in the change of Roads maintainence contractors from 2011. (It should be noted the Guildford Conservative website says a similar thing about Mr Brett-Warburton). His current concerns are parking and planning. Mr Ellwood is also the Borough Councillor for Merrow.

As this shows, there isn’t a huge amount of information you can find online regarding local candidates which is one of the reasons Policy Guildford was set up. Of the 5 incumbent County Councillors of the Guildford Town Centre area, only 1 had an (still) accessible campaign pledges and goals. Congratulations Mr Brett-Warburton.