*At the time of writing (19/11/16 13:00) all information was correct. All updates will be written at the bottom unless a major change. Major changes will result in a new post and this post marked to be out of date.*

*UKIP, Liberal Democrats and GGG have all made their position of interest clear. Greens and Conservatives have not given a answer although they have given a reply confirming receipt of the email*

So far we’ve received responses from four parties however two of them haven’t fully confirmed that they will be taking part by providing policy and council candidates.

  • Conservative Party (Guildford) – Email received
  • Green Party (Guildford & East Waverley) – Interested but meeting required
  • UKIP (Guildford) – Full interest
  • Liberal Democrats (Guildford) – Full Interest
  • Guildford Green Party – Full Interest

The Conservative Party confirmed that they had passed it on to those who would make a decision on how to respond while the Green Party informed us that it would have to be discussed with the local executive. It’s disappointing that Labour. We’ve followed up and so we’re hoping responses will be forthcoming soon. The local parties are important to this working as we have discovered campaign literature has not been forthcoming from previous campaigns and when it was, it was limited in the most part. We look forward to receiving the last response soon as well as full confirmation from the Greens and the Conservatives.

*The Guildford Liberal Democrats did tweet us to inform us that our email never got to them at 15:01 on the 19/11/16 so that email has been resent. No response has been noted yet*


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