The goals of this post have effectively been met by other posts, pages and emails although we decided it would be helpful to collate this all into one post.

Goals of Policy Guildford in short:

Interview Council candidates (both in County Council and Borough Council), collect information from local voters on what they think are the most important issues and eventually interview our local MP as well as potentially MP candidates in the next election.

How we plan to get there:

By providing a single place for all policies of all candidates to sit in it allows for residents of Guildford to compare policy side by side giving them the best information to make an informed vote in the voting booth. To do this we need the support and trust of local parties to give an accurate representation of their views so that they give us their policy positions and allow access to their candidates. We’ve sent emails to all the major parties in Guildford (here’s the current situation on those emails) and we’ll be polling in the near future to find out what most people in Guildford care about.

The most important thing for us to reach our goals is to gain trust from the voters. We don’t expect this trust and so we know we need to earn it. We’ll do this by conducting interviews without biased questions, take the views from the people and ask the candidates what they’ll do about it. In conclusion – Trust, without trust Policy Guildford cannot go anywhere.

Why we’re doing this: (taken from our email to the local parties)

We have entered a era of politics being referred to as post-truth politics which is a political culture where debate is largely framed by appeals to emotion rather than policy. This has been seen in America with Donald Trump being elected where very little policy was talked (his website only had 7 policies on a month before the vote) and with Brexit (with the IFS branding the £350m/week claim”absurd”*). Wherever you stand on the results is not a problem. Whether you support Trump and Brexit, one and not the other, or you were against both does not have any bearing on this situation. Regardless of political view, the voters should be educated about what your policies are and how the candidate will help them – this is the very basis of our representative democracy.

*In our email we wrongly cited the IFS as saying they branded the £350m/week claim as “grossly misleading” although it was the UK Statistics Authority*

Policy Guildford is aiming to provide truth in a post-truth era where trust is limited and must be earned. It will not be easy but:


John F. Kennedy

*Actual quote is slightly different although this is effectively correct.*

We hope that you will help us by trusting us and staying up to date with Policy Guildford and by taking in the facts so that on election day you vote with information. If you agree with what we’re doing feel free to drop us a line on twitter or on our Contact page.