As mentioned previously, trust is central to what we do and plan to do. We’ve also said that trust should be earned rather than given. The real question now is how do we intend to do this?

Central to our strategy is talking about issues that matter to the community and giving all sides a voice in it whether they be the majority or the minority. We will fact check what we say and in the instances where we get it wrong we will rectify it and make it clear that we made a mistake. We think that when an error is published, the rectification and acknowledgement that we made an error should be as large as original mistake as well as the original error being changed with a note saying that an amendment had been made.

To find out the issues that are most important to the residents of Guildford we’ll be conducting polling to find out what the biggest issues are as well as voting intention and other information which will give us a clearer view of the upcoming election, particularly what to ask candidates for different areas. If you wish to take part in part of our polling (through email) drop us a line on our contact page. There are plans to add people who answer our conventional polls to join this as well to see changing opinions however this is on a strictly opt-in basis.

We will also fact check what others say and hold them accountable. If the people we interview give us facts we will ask for sources and we will check them as well as provide them to you.

We need to not only be trusted by our viewers but also the local parties. They provide us with candidate information and we are very thankful to the local parties for committing to giving us access to these things. Without their trust and participation we would struggle to give any accurate information to the constituents of Guildford. Building this trust can only happen with accurate representation of views and policy positions.