A very polarised image with Liberal Democrats controlling the North and West of Guildford and Conservative controlling the East.
Gradient shows a mix of Councillors. Every ward has at least one Conservative Councillor, some wards have two Councillors while others have three.









These are two images of the previous election results of the areas that Policy Guildford are currently focusing on. These show the latest results available (2015) when all polls were taken at the same time. There are updated results for the Stoke Ward which are available on the Guildford Borough Website (GBC). These results show that Labour won the Conservative seat in that ward making Stoke the only ward in the Guildford central area which has no Conservative Councillors representing it. Ultimately this makes very little difference to the makeup of the council as Conservatives still have an overwhelming level of control with 34 Councillors. The opposition, the Liberal Democrats, have 9. The two members from Stoke make the entirety of the Labour force on the GBC which gives them more rights to be on committees than an individual Councillor would.

There have been no by-elections for the County Council in the Guildford central area since the last election in 2013. These are the divisions we are concentrating on in this upcoming election as all are up for grabs with a county wide election taking place. There are a total of 81 Councillors on the Surrey County Council (SCC) and the Conservatives occupy 58 seats. Again, the Liberal Democrats only have 9 Councillors, a smaller percentage than in GBC (11% on SCC and 18% of GBC). The Conservatives have 71% of the Council and as such their majority is strong. Particularly with an opposition which is very divided and made up of 3 parties (those with more than one seat). That figure includes UKIP who on a national level are seen as being very close to Conservatives on the political spectrum so are unlikely to be part of a proper opposition. There are also multiple Residents’ Associations which are likely to stand again to act as representatives for their community when they feel the mainstream parties won’t care about the community. We’ll make predictions on what this election will look like after we conduct our polling (particularly in divisions like Guildford North which in 2016 it’s ward equivalent switched to Labour). It would be accurate to say at this time Policy Guildford are not expecting the Conservatives to lose their majority on the Surrey County Council although it should be noted that they should not be complacent in their campaigning otherwise they may risk losing marginal seats.

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