Our proof and reply

Earlier this week you may have noticed that we confronted @GuildfordUKIP on their retweet of a Breitbart article which questioned the legitimacy of climate change. This was a bold move since that we require the support of the local parties to work as an idea. However, our whole basis is to give the voters in Guildford the accurate facts and as 97% of scientists agree that climate change is happening and is man made it would be innaccurate to suggest that climate change is not happening as implied by the article headline and the article itself.

There will be many claims in the upcoming election campaign and we will try to dispute all that are not based in fact. This won’t single out any party although we will call out a party every time they make a claim that is misleading or wrong and we won’t allow them a free ride after they go over a certain figure. If they wish to pull their support for our scheme after that, or before, they are able to however we would like to say that the reason a claim will be disputed will be because empirical evidence that is accepted by the majority in the field (e.g. Climate Change) disagrees with what you’re projecting.

We’ll also be writing an article in the future about religious hatred which can also be classed as misleading – particularly with reference to the refugee crisis Europe is currently having. We will call you out if you make a false claim or if you mislead voters because the people of Guildford deserve it.