In a previous post I discussed Progressive Alliances and what they were. There was a possibility for a Progressive Alliance in Guildford but it would have required strong support from all parties involved and a willingness to stand down in potentially winnable seats for those on the left.

It now seems incredibly unlikely that any Progressive Alliance will be taking place in the upcoming elections for Surrey County Council. The Liberal Democrats likely believe that they can take advantage of their countrywide swing seen in by-elections and take on the Conservatives on their own either with the spoiler effect. Labour have had strong advice from central office to not accept Progressive Alliances and the Green Party aren’t the strongest force in Surrey currently.

I will also take this opportunity to announce that I will be not be posting here for the foreseeable future as it has become likely that I, personally, will be standing for election in the Surrey County Council for the Green Party and so it would be improper for me to attempt to make efforts to provide balanced coverage when it may affect the election.

Thank you for the support over the recent months.