Leonie Anderson is the Liberal Democrat candidate for the Guildford South East Division for the Surrey County Council elections taking place on the 4th of May.

Anderson joined the Liberal Democrats after the result of the EU referendum and so, much like most Liberal Democrat, a big part of her campaign will be based on reducing the effects Brexit has on Guildford’s economy. She is campaigning with these policies:

  • High educational attainments to be maintained by reducing cuts on Education.
  • Social and health funding to be coalesced into “home services” to end bed blocking and allow people to grow old with dignity and in the most cost effective way possible.
  • Question and provide a check on the Tory majority in Surrey County Council which has allowed budgets to pass motions and spend “billions” without question.
  • Increase transparency and accountability.

Anderson has lived in the South East division for 11 years and has taught music in schools, conservatoires and SEN settings across the UK and abroad. There is no evidence of any experience in politics or in governance.

More of these short pieces on candidates will be coming soon