Mark Brett-Warburton is the Conservative and Unionist candidate for the Guildford South East Division for the Surrey County Council elections taking place on the 4th of May. Below are photos of his campaign literature that show what he plans to do but here is an outline:

  • Improve Pavements
  • Cut “unnecessary costs”
  • Building a closer community
  • Improve roads
  • Promote local views at County level
  • Support local schools

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Brett-Warburton has been the Councillor for Guildford South East since 2009 and is currently the Chair of the Education and Skills Committee. He is also on the Guildford Local Committee as well as the Member Conduct Panel and Council Overview Board. Since 2009, Brett-Warburton has attended 75% of his expected attendances at Council and for 96% of those absences (all but 1) has given apologies in advance and in some cases, sent a representative instead.

According to Guildford Conservatives, he is also Vice Chair of Environment and Transport which allows him to address his key issues of: Improving road and pavement conditions. He reiterates this in his Get Surrey biography.

More of these short pieces on candidates will be coming however Mark Brett-Warburton was the only one’s whose Campaign paraphernalia came through our doors.