Graham Ellwood is the incumbent of the Guildford East division for the Conservative Party. In the Council he is on the Guildford Local Committee, the Surrey Police and Crime Panel, and the Wellbeing and Health Scrutiny Board. Ellwood has been Councillor for Guildford East since 2009. Professionally Ellwood is the managing director of Guildford Wealth Management Ltd – financial advice. According to the Guildford Conservatives he has been “instrumental” to change the roads maintenance contractors and is chiefly concerned with parking, planning and preserving the character of Guildford East.

At a hustings on the 24th April at Sutherland Memorial Hall he was reported to have said

“If you’ve got a problem in Burpham I suggest you put up, shut up and deal with it”.

In this election he is tackling 6 main issues:

  • Anti-social and dangerous parking near schools
  • Improving road safety for residents
  • Slowing traffic in Merrow and Burpham
  • Making parking more flexible for residents and shoppers
  • Improving the conditions of the road and pavements
  • Ensuring illegal advertising is not tolerated

Additionally, Ellwood is the Borough Councillor for Merrow.