Richard Mithen is standing in the Guildford East division for The Labour Party. Mithen is a local GP and has lived in Merrow for 10 years. Additional to being involved in healthcare, he also has experience running a local business. Mithen is targeting the cuts that the Conservatives are making to the Social Care Budget and mentions how there is a growing dependency on food banks and so as Councillor he would address this as well as reverse the school funding cuts and conduct “decent road maintainence”.

He said he will fight for:

  • End the need for food banks for residents in Merrow and Burpham
  • Provide decent social care
  • Provide decent funding to schools
  • Reinstate stroke services at Royal Surrey Hospital
  • Stops plans to “ruin Newlands Corner and keep our green spaces free”

Mithen also strongly disagrees with the Daily Mail as we found out when we decided what sources to include as reliable at Policy Guildford. Health is clearly a key issue for Mithen as is clear here and in his policies.