This isn’t news but we thought we’d do some analysis of the results for Guildford for the Surrey County Council.

Guildford North – LIB DEM HOLD

Angela Marie Goodwin came in first with 42% of the vote and 1564 votes with the Conservatives coming a close second with 33% of the vote and 1250 votes. Both the Liberal Democrats and Conservatives increased their vote share (Previous LD was 35% and CON 24%. Labour increased their vote by around 100 votes, UKIP did not stand and the Green Party stood winning 6% of vote.

Guildford West – LIB DEM HOLD

Fiona White held Guildford West for the Liberal Democrats with 43% and 955 votes. The Labour Party came second with 573 votes and 26% with the Conservative Party 6 votes behind them. The Liberal Democrats increased their vote share by 8% points and 200 votes. UKIP did not stand, the Green Party stood and won 3% of the vote. Additionally, The Peace Party and Socialist Party both stood and got cumulatively 50 votes.

Guildford South West – LIB DEM HOLD

David Goodwin held this division for the Liberal Democrats with just under 2000 votes and 54% of the vote. The Conservatives came second with 31% of the vote and over 1100 votes. This is a massive strenghtening of this seat for the Liberal Democrats who, in 2013, got 150 votes more than the Conservatives. The Labour Party lost around 100 votes and UKIP did not stand. The Green Party stood and got 6% of the vote and 208 votes as well as the Peace Party who got 34 votes.

Guildford South East – CON HOLD

Mark Brett-Warburton (Conservative) came in first with 51% of the vote – losing 2% on the 2013 election but seeing an increase in votes (+200) with 2000 votes. Leonie Anderson came in a strong second with 40% of the vote and 1641 votes, a strong increase of +34% points. UKIP didn’t stand and Labour got 50 less votes.

Guildford East – CON HOLD

Graham Ellwood, for the Conservatives, came in first with 45% of the vote and just under 2000 votes. This is down 200 votes and reduced from 50% in 2013. The Liberal Democrats surged considerably in Guildford East gaining around 500 more votes and obtained just under 1500 votes (35% of vote). The Labour Party got 12% of the vote and the Green Party got 7%.

So, overall, no real change in Guildford in terms of Councillors. The Liberal Democrats have gained in voter numbers although the real value of that is effectively nil (ignoring data for the General Election). UKIP did not stand in any divisions in Guildford which may have helped the Conservatives. Additionally, the Guildford Greenbelt Group didn’t field any candidates. The Green Party had candidates in all seats bar Guildford South East.

Coverage will now be on the General Election which takes place on the 8th of June. Register to vote now if you haven’t already.