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Fact Checking:

Two Horse Race: In Guildford (Guildford NoGuildford Constituencyrth, East, South-East, South West, West) the Liberal Democrats actually got 42% of the vote in the County Council. However, the Guildford Constituency goes further than this: When examining every district in the Constituency, the Liberal Democrats got: 39% of the vote in the County Council election – much higher than 22% in the Borough Council. The key question however is the size of the different bars with an 11% difference being much larger than a 25% difference. For this reason, this graph must be taken with a pinch of salt – is it truly a two horse race – or more accurately, a one horse race? It must be remembered, however, that Anne Milton got 57.1% of the vote, while the Liberal Democrat candidate only got 15.5%. The EU issue may change that (56-44 in Guildford for Remain) as Anne Milton although stating she voted Remain, voted to invoke Article 50 in Parliament and is following the Conservative line to the letter.

Franklin seems to be taking this election with the concentration certainly on Brexit –

“The Lib Dems are the ONLY opposition to the Conservatives’ Hard Brexit”

Phrases like this are difficult to analyse as what is meant by a “Hard Brexit” is indefinable and questionable. Nationally, the Labour Party has their 6 tests that need to be passed by the Conservatives. The Green Party have announced they would hold a second referendum on the deal. So are they the only opposition to Hard Brexit? It’s subjective.

“As your MP, I would stand up for the vast majority of people in Guildford and Cranleigh who did not vote for a hard Brexit and I will be your voice in Parliament”

“Vast majority” is questionable, as is those who didn’t vote for a “hard Brexit” as it is impossible to know what exact reasons those who voted Leave did vote for.

There are 3 main issues that Franklin will be fighting the campaigning on other than Brexit:

  • Protect schools from cuts and campaign for emergency investment in the NHS and social care
  • Listen to residents by holding regular drop in sessions and “getting out in community”
  • Tackling the housing crisis.

More will become clear as this campaign goes on as more material is created as well as hustings take place.