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Progressive Alliance in Guildford?

In a previous post I discussed Progressive Alliances and what they were. There was a possibility for a Progressive Alliance in Guildford but it would have required strong support from all parties involved and a willingness to stand down in... Continue Reading →


Happy New Year

Happy New Year! Just a short message.

Winning a local election

Winning a local election can be difficult and following these steps may help.

“Progressive Alliance” Explained

Recently the phrase Progressive Alliance has been used, particularly with regard to the recent by-election in Richmond Park where Liberal Democrat candidates Sarah Olney won. In this election the Green Party chose not to stand and many senior Labour figures... Continue Reading →

Why Opposition is Good

An opposition provide scrutiny for what the Council do to make sure they're doing good things.

Baseless Claims and Confrontation

Why we'll always confront baseless claims from parties who we require to make us work

Previous Election Results

Focusing on the Guildford Central area shown in these maps, we look at what happened last time.


Trust is key to what we do.

Policy Guildford

Explaining what Policy Guildford is, general aims, how to get there, any why.

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