We, Policy Guildford, pledge to be unbiased* and fair* and provide you, the people of Guildford with the facts required to place a vote based on policy. We will announce our interests and positions if applicable and as a entity we will attempt to expand our base so that all political opinions are covered. At the time of writing (the page with this on will be updated while this will not be so you can always come back and see our original pledge), it is just myself – Mark – I am a Green party member – but I have plans to expand the team to other local party activists in other parties. We pledge to never delete a post unless it needs to be taken down to amend a fact or quote/citation etc. Any edits that take place after publication will be noted at the bottom of article. We do, however, reserve the right to remove any videos which are more difficult, if not impossible to amend easily although we will only do this if required.

*unbiased and fair and pejorative terms. What we mean by unbiased is providing facts with citations and any opinions will be clearly signaled as such and a counter argument will always, when possible be provided. With regards to fair, we promise not to put a candidate in an unfair light and not misquote or selectively quote to make their policy seem different to what it truly is.